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Egg Rate in Barwala: Today Egg rate, Average egg rate & more!

Today, on 13th October 2023, the Egg Rate in Barwala stands at ₹5.17 per piece, with a tray costing ₹155.1, and a hundred pieces priced at ₹517. These numbers are not just statistics but vital indicators of a dynamic market that can be influenced by a multitude of factors. The prices of eggs, like many other commodities, can be subject to fluctuations due to various factors such as supply and demand, production costs, and market dynamics.

Today Egg Rate – Barwala

DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Last 10 day Egg Rate in Barwala Report

Price Up / Down+ ₹9
Percentage Change+ 1.77%
Egg Rate Today₹517
Egg Rate 10 Days Ago₹508

Average Egg Rate in Barwala in Market

NECC Egg Price₹5.17₹155.1
Whole Sale Rate₹5.17₹155.1
Retail Rate₹5.48₹164.41
Super Market Rate₹5.58₹167.51
Updated on 13-10-23

The 10-Day Price Trend of Egg Rate in Barwala City:

Over the past ten days, the price of eggs in Barwala City has shown some interesting fluctuations. Here’s a summary of the data:

  • On 13-10-2023, the price per piece was ₹5.17, with a tray costing ₹155.1 and a hundred pieces priced at ₹517.
  • Prices remained consistent on 12-10-2023, 11-10-2023, 10-10-2023, 09-10-2023, 08-10-2023, and 07-10-2023, staying at ₹5.17 per piece.
  • However, on 06-10-2023, there was a slight dip in prices, with a piece costing ₹5.14.
  • On 05-10-2023, prices dropped to ₹5.08 per piece and remained the same on 04-10-2023.
  • On 03-10-2023, prices increased slightly to ₹5.15 per piece.
  • The highest prices recorded in this period were ₹5.31 per piece on 02-10-2023, 01-10-2023, as well as 30-09-2023.
  • The latest data, on 13-10-2023, shows the price at ₹517 per hundred pieces.

Analyzing the Fluctuations in Barwala City:

Several factors could explain the fluctuations in egg prices over this 10-day period in Barwala City:

  1. Supply and Demand: The supply of eggs can vary due to factors such as weather conditions affecting production, transportation disruptions, or changes in consumer demand. A reduction in supply can lead to price increases, while oversupply can cause prices to drop.
  2. Production Costs: The cost of producing eggs, including feed, labor, and overhead expenses, can impact prices. Any changes in these costs can influence the final retail price.
  3. Market Dynamics: Market conditions, including competition among retailers, wholesalers, and supermarkets, can affect pricing. Supermarkets, for instance, may charge higher prices compared to local markets.
  4. Government Policies: Government policies, such as subsidies or regulations on egg production and sales, can also have an impact on prices.

The Average Egg Rate in Barwala City:

To provide context to the fluctuations in Barwala City, it’s essential to compare these prices to the average egg prices in the city:

  • The NECC Egg Price and Wholesale Rate both stood at ₹5.17 per piece or ₹155.1 per tray, which closely aligns with the Barwala City prices.
  • The Retail Rate was slightly higher at ₹5.48 per piece or ₹164.41 per tray, while Super Market Rate was ₹5.58 per piece or ₹167.51 per tray.


In summary, the current egg rate in Barwala as of 13th October 2023 stands at ₹5.17 per piece. While this rate reflects the present market conditions, it’s essential to acknowledge the various factors, including supply and demand, production costs, and external influences, that can cause fluctuations in egg prices. Fortunately, the market appears relatively stable, closely aligning with average rates. Staying informed about these factors is vital for making informed decisions in this dynamic market.

Consumers and businesses in Barwala City should keep an eye on market trends and factors affecting egg prices to make informed decisions about purchasing and sales strategies. Additionally, understanding the dynamics of the egg market in Barwala City can help stakeholders navigate these fluctuations effectively.

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